Furnished Rentals

Welcome To Tamworth Furnished Accommodation

There are many advantages to renting your property fully furnished.

From a taxation point of view you are able to depreciate most of the furniture and fixtures and fittings in the property, in fact, almost everything that is used by the client in the property (please note that this statement does not and is not intended to constitute taxation advice. For tax advices please contact a professional tax adviser.)

Ultimately the most important factor in choosing a furnished rental is that your property is likely to yield a higher rate of return.

One of the most common misconceptions for furnished rental is that your property will sit vacant for a long period of time. The properties we manage are generally occupied for more than 90% of the year.

You may already have a property that is suitable for furnished accommodation to lease.

We can offer advice on what you need to do to help you through the process, and hopefully start maximising your investment.

Visit our current furnished accommodation available:

Tamworth - 2 Bernice Place
Tamworth - 122 Crown Street (House)
Tamworth - 9 The Boulevard Parade
Tamworth - 11 The Boulevard Parade
Tamworth - 5/91 The Heights
Tamworth - 4-53 Fitzroy Street
Tamworth - 7 The Boulevard Parade
Tamworth - 122 Carthage Street
Tamworth - 84 Hill Street
Tamworth - 18 Banks Street
Tamworth - 99 Ebsworth Street
Tamworth - 92A Fitzroy Street
Tamworth - 4/74 Fitzroy Street
Tamworth - 40B Morilla Street
Tamworth - 
8/46-48 Hill Street
Tamworth - 72 Darling Street
Tamworth - 3/56 Bourke Street