As a property investor you have the choice of managing your investment properties yourself or delegating the day-to-day management to managing agents. Engaging a professional property manager is the preferred option for investors in today's more complex property market.

Choose your Property Manager wisely as this can make a great difference to the real return you achieve from your property. The number one objective of a property manager should be minimise vacancies and maximise property returns. Investors who think that hiring a property management professional is too expensive soon find out just how expensive hiring an amateur can be. You only need a few unnecessary weeks of vacancies each year before you can find yourself well behind. And, a poorly optimised property can leave you tens of thousands behind over the long-term

The problem of inexperience is partly driven by investors who think it makes no difference who they have manage their rental property. Their choice of agency is therefore decided on the basis of who discounts their management fee the most. As a result, some business owners offset those discounted fees by employing inexperienced juniors to manage their landlords’ assets.

Agents in our area normally charge between 7% and 10% of the rental collected to manage the property. While we’re commercially competitive, we take the professionalism of our property managers very seriously. First National Real Estate Tamworth commits its staff to ongoing training to stay ahead of legislative changes, and to better understand how they can add value to a landlord’s returns, preferring to compete on quality and results than the lowest fee.

9 Reasons to Consider the management services of First National Tamworth

We’re experienced

We manage over $55 million worth of residential property, have over 30 years combined experience amongst us; we consistently achieve some of the lowest vacancy and rent arrears rates in Australia

We’re fast

First National Real Estate is like a magnet for tenants. Our advanced customer database enables tenants to register for instant alerts. We broadcast news of your property’s vacancy within minutes, direct to tenants that match your asking price and description.

Timely Payments

Reliable rental payments are crucial. That’s why we offer a range of easy payment solutions for your tenant. Our systems enable instantaneous monitoring of your tenant’s payments and we are committed to a zero tolerance of arrears.

Tenant Selection

Integral to your success is our diligent assessment of applicants and expert negotiations on price. We carefully assess references and check real estate databases to ensure every tenant we recommend has been exhaustively checked.

Freedom of choice

Once all suitable applicants have been reviewed, we advise you of your alternatives and recommend a tenant. However, we allow you the freedom of choice to decide who will live in your property.

Regular Inspections

Our management service includes inspections of your property approximately every 15 weeks to confirm its condition and compliance with terms of tenancy. We report to you with colour photographs, recommendations for improvements that could help improve your rent and provide a comprehensive rent review.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance accreditation assures our management practices are of the highest professional standard. All staff follow systems and procedures that are regularly reviewed to assure familiarity.


Early response to maintenance requests is key to good tenant relations. Our qualified contractors and tradespeople enable us to expedite quotes for cost-effective maintenance. We use only reliable, competitive, licensed contractors, assuring peace of mind and a worry-free property investment experience.


First National Real Estate offers landlord insurance products designed to cover you in the event of adversity. Residential Building Insurance policies cover loss of rent and accidental or malicious damage. Landlord’s Protection policies cover loss of rent and public liability concerns. We also offer contents policies for tenants, something they can experience difficulty obtaining.